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underDEV - Process - Specification

1. Specification

What are your goals? Just having your own internet thing was cool back in 2005.
Now, every website have a specific purpose.

We will find out how we can help you and your business score.

underDEV - Process - Research

2. Research

Idea is nothing without a good implementation.
Implementation is nothing without a good idea.

We will figure out what are the best tools and best approach to get your project alive. We do our homework.

underDEV - Process - Evaluation

3. Evaluation

Money is not everything in the project, but project without a buget is nothing.

You can expect a fair pricing for the best value we can provide. You can buy the Prius which will get from point A to B, but we are offering you the Veyron.

underDEV - Process - Implementation

4. Implementation

Our code is not written by a kid in his garage who read the PHP Essentials book.

We document, we use version control, we have high code standards. Our work doesn't only looks good, but works good. Very good.

underDEV - Process - Support

5. Support

Successful project doesn't end on the implementation. Support is crucial.

You think we reply fast only to the first messages? You are wrong.
We have your back and we stand behind our work.


There's no portfolio. Every project is different and have own goals. Let us figure out yours.

We are contributing to WordPress community with free plugins which can give you an idea about our code and our customer support.


We are pricing every single project individually, however there's a minimum budget we are working with.

See the minimum budget

Our Clients

Check what our Clients says about us

Tomasz Lach from WP Served

Jakub is our first choice when it comes to more advanced WordPress projects or developing custom WordPress Plugins. We had a chance to work together several times and it always worked just perfect.

Client from 2 years
Katarzyna Klemba from e-prawopracy.pl

Working with Jakub is a pleasure. He is reading in the minds, understands his client's needs without words and any explanation. I was surprised that he just knows what my vision is. He is also giving safety and guarantee that my website is in professional's hands. I have no doubt that even if we are contacting via the internet I can trust him and be sure I'm in good hands.

Client from 4 years
Bianca from The Green Creator

I have been working with Jakub for quite some time now and am very happy with his help. Any random website question I will just forward to him and his help is there within 24 hours! Very professional and accurate! No mistakes or miscommunication. Everything is double checked with me first. Perfect!

Client from 5 years
Kamil Ładno from Hotel Trylogia

Few years cooperation with Jakub is pure pleasure. Conscientiousness, commitment, professionalism and passion for what he does. Tasks I wanted him to do was performed reliably and most important - very efficiently. The emergency response was immediate. Jakub is implementing proven solutions based on excellent knowledge of WordPress.

Client from 5 years

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